Introducing the Malaysian Drag Racing Association (MDRA), a dynamic organization that has recently emerged onto the drag racing scene, established on November 11, 2022. Created by drag racers for drag racers and the industry, MDRA may be young, but it comprises some of Malaysia's most experienced and fastest individuals in the sport.

At the core of MDRA's vision is the aspiration to develop drag racing and propel it to new heights on an international scale. With a keen focus on advancement, MDRA aims to nurture the sport, refine its techniques, and establish a reputation that resonates globally. By doing so, MDRA seeks to bring recognition to the talent and potential that lies within Malaysia's drag racing community.

MDRA's mission transcends the realm of sports. As the catalyst body for drag sports in Malaysia, the association is dedicated to fostering unity, promoting cultural exchange, and enhancing national harmony among communities. By bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds and uniting them under the thrilling umbrella of drag racing, MDRA aims to transcend societal boundaries, encouraging inclusivity and shared experiences that strengthen the fabric of the nation.

In summary, MDRA stands as a beacon of opportunity and collaboration in the realm of drag racing in Malaysia. With its vision of international development and its mission to unite communities, MDRA is set to revolutionize the sport and create a lasting impact that extends far beyond the race track.