The Service is provided on a subscription basis for your personal use. To enjoy extra spaces and features to the Service, a Member must pay a one time subscription fee that only (at the moment its free) (the Subscription Fee), which entitles the Member to use the Service, subject to the Terms of Service. The Member is responsible for paying all applicable taxes. Members subscribing to the Service are billed as of the day the subscription is purchased. Subscription Fees are billable to and payable by the Member subscribing to that membership. Cancellation of any subscription can only be done by Persatuan Sukan Drag Malaysia or the original subscribing Member. For billing purposes, cancellation of any subscription will take effect as of the last day to which the Member has prepaid the Subscription Fees (if applicable), or, where a Member has not prepaid any Subscription fees, cancellation will take effect as of the day the cancellation request is received by Persatuan Sukan Drag Malaysia. Upon receipt of a valid cancellation request, Persatuan Sukan Drag Malaysia may deactivate the subscription at any time. All amounts paid in advance to Persatuan Sukan Drag Malaysia are non-refundable. From time to time, Persatuan Sukan Drag Malaysia may, in its sole discretion, make special offers and promotions, such as reduced fees, discounts, incentives or other benefits (Promotions) without creating any obligation on the part of Persatuan Sukan Drag Malaysia other than as explicitly set forth in such Promotions, including, without limitation, any obligation to continue to offer such Promotions on a ongoing basis.­